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Can I configure overlapping areas by job type in Workflow Manager when not allowed in system configuration?

Question asked by ufeliciano on May 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by ufeliciano

WMX provides the following LOI overlapping options as system settings:

  • allow
  • disallow
  • disallow by job type

In our shop we do not allow overlapping areas but there are special cases (common enough) that require to work on jobs inside other job areas.  The "principal" job is mainly created to identify and define the overall LOI of the "mini-jobs" to be work inside that extent.  Due to the nature of those jobs and to be able to work more efficiently they need to allow overlapping AOIs so we like to have the option to allow overlapping areas by job type (mini jobs) but allowing to overlap with other job types (main job) so we can still have the main extent delimited or somehow parent and child jobs be able to share an LOI.  Right now we have the main LOI created in job type A and corresponding jobs (job type B) as child jobs but either skipping AOI creation (not desired) or creating AOI as they are available in the main extent (which delay our operations).  Is it possible to do this configuration now???  Thanks