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Screening widget broken 2.12

Question asked by kmsagis on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2020 by kmsagis

The screening widget will not instantiate in WebApp Builder 2.12 Developer Addition. I called Support, working on getting a NIM.  I tried plain vanilla hosted online ArcGIS Online with a service from a 10.6.1 server and same thing, Screening widget will not work. I do no configuration, just leave it as-is so when it comes in it has all the fields. Left everything default, but will not start up in the new WAB.  It was working however in 2.9 WAB DE. I want to use it to have a sweet printout for parcels. For that it's perfect. Anyone else have success getting Sreening Widget working on WAB 2.12?


Example app: