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Using csv file with Survey123 web app

Question asked by ctabor_RCGIS on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by ctabor_RCGIS

I'm pulling data from a csv file to calculate the location for a geopoint survey question.  This works fine in the mobile and desktop app, but I get this error message when I try to access the survey on the web app: 


Error: Initializing form...

  • FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: /model/instance[@id="school_locations"]/root/item[School name = '']/Lat, message: The expression is not a legal expression. (line: undefined, character: undefined)

'school_locations' is the csv file I'm trying to use and it contains a list of school names and x, y coordinates.


Is there a way to use pulldata() from a csv file in the web app?