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Support For Ranking Questions

04-30-2019 08:29 AM
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Apologies if this is a duplicate. I didn't see anything matching in the search. This is a suggested improvement...

Will Survey123 support "ranking" questions and "voting" questions at some point?

Two examples: 

1) A list of items we want survey respondents to put in order of priority. Drag and drop each item in a stack to an appropriate priority location. 

2) A list of items we want survey respondents to vote for the popularity of, assigning some # of votes to each item... such that some items end with no votes, and some with multiple votes. Also with the option to limit how many votes total the respondent can assign. "You have 10 votes - please assign them to these 20 items... you may vote for the same item more than once."

There are ways to gather this information from a Survey123 form, but none of them are concise or clear. I could repeat over a series of items and say give me a # votes for each item, but it takes a lot of space on screen and you can't easily see what your previous votes were. I can make each option an integer value and count the total, but the display of the form for say 20 items to vote on takes way too much space on screen given that the label is above the form field entry box and not beside it.

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Hi Nicholas,

At this time Survey123 does not have support for a ranking-type question.  Could you add an idea at ArcGIS Ideas so that we can understand the level of demand and import for this?

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