Is there a way to batch port data into the data repository?

12-07-2020 10:27 AM
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We just set up a site survey form for a client.  The client came back and asked us if there was any way to import a batch of previous site survey inputs from a file (either .xlsx or .csv) into the new Survey123 version's data repository.  The assumed end game would be for reporting to stakeholder and making sure the repository has all current and previous site survey inputs.

I've been searching for days and still haven't found anything that remotely pertains to this, both internal to the ESRI community and external.

Is it possible to do a batch import to the data repository without submitting manually or writing scripts to make it so?

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I think you can convert that .xlsx or .csv files as Feature Services and use Survey123 Connect to Publish Survey123 form by Selecting Feature Service option as below.







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Load your previous site surveys into a file GDB feature class with a structure that is equivalent to that of your published survey's hosted feature layer.

From ArcGIS Pro, use the Append tool.   Your Input will be the previous site surveys feature class, the target will be the Survey123 feature layer that your survey stores data in.  You may need to remap fields depending on how closely your feature class field names match your hosted feature layer names.

Your Survey will now contain the historical records.