Problem adding Marker in IE

Discussion created by verydryice on Feb 28, 2011
I am using 1.5 version of the JavaScript API.  Under IE8, simulation IE7 through the debug tool, I am getting "TypeError:'esri.bundle.layers' is null or not an object" message when I tried to add a simple marker to the base map.

After I trace the add method, the first exception occurs at 'esri.layers._GraphicsLayer' class, _drawPath function, of line 'var p = _461.createObject(esri.gfx.Path, path.join(" "))', where esri.gfx.Path is null. 'path.join("")' = "M 452,307 L 460,315 452,323 444,315 X E".

Anyone knows what causes the esri.bundle.layers to be null?