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query allowUpdates

Question asked by OusMer967_npaid on Mar 24, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by OusMer967_npaid

When I send the survey, I can see the attribute values in the main and related classes for the feature service.  In fact I can edit attributes from the main survey and the related records in an Arcgis Online web map.  However, when I refresh the Inbox in Survey123, I see the edit changes to attribute values in the main survey, but the repeats block is essentially empty as it is ready for data entry into the 1st record, even though the underlying feature service has more than one related record.  In the bind::esri:parameters column on the begin repeat row I have tried it with query allowUpdates but it didnt work.


My main concern that it is working well for records in 2018 and not working for new records in 2019. I attached my excel sheet.