Submitted Photos Don't Display For Review

04-06-2022 08:57 AM
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I am using a QA/QC workflow where an initial submitter has the option to provide photos. The submitted survey then goes to the reviewers inbox where the reviewer is able to view the photos. If the reviewer rejects the survey, it goes back to the submitter's inbox for correction and resubmittal. The issue I'm having is that sometimes when photos are submitted, they do not display on the reviewer survey or a rejected survey back in the submitter's inbox. I've attached the following screenshots of what we're seeing where the photos should be displaying. 


Reviewer Photo Issue.png


Submitter Photo Issue.png

The odd thing is that this behavior doesn't happen consistently. A survey will be working fine one minute with the photos displaying properly in both surveys, and the next time it's opened, the photos won't display. This inconsistent behavior is affecting multiple surveys and multiple users. It also isn't broken for all users at once. It will be working fine on my device, but when another user opens the exact same survey, the photos won't display. I thought it might be a loading time issue, but I've let it sit and load for several minutes with no effect. 

Does anyone have a fix for this? Or has anyone else noticed this problem?

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I am also experiencing this issue in inboxed forms.

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