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Generate polygon plot boundaries around random points

Question asked by Denmarks on Mar 19, 2019
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In past years, I've used the Geospatial Modeling Environment software (with R) to generate rectangular plot boundaries around a set of random points. It was a simple script (below) but it doesn't look like the last GME software is compatible with ArcMap 10.6.  I've seen some older solutions given on these pages but didn't suit this problem, in that I need to input GROUND dimensions (in feet, meters, miles, etc.) and have ArcMap draw rectangle polygons around all points in the layer. I've also seen some Python solutions but used coordinates as input (and I don't know Python). Are there any other possibilities? Does ArcGIS Pro have any feature to do this?

Thank you! 


genshapes(in="C:\randompoints2017.shp", shape="RECTANGLE", dim=c(402.35, 201.175), out="C:\randomplotpolys2017.shp");