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Web AppBuilder Developer Customizing the HeaderController Widget

Question asked by HCFCDGISADMIN on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by HCFCDGISADMIN

Good Morning,


I am attempting to customize the Header Controller widget and I am running into a roadblock.  So far I have been able to adjust the header's height, adjust my logo size, and stacked my title and subtitle.  Now I want to align my links to the right side of the header and change the links from a label to an icon.


Below is a screenshot of what I currently have.



What I would like to do now is move the Facebook/Twitter links to the right side of the header and then replace the labels with an icon. Below is a rough idea of what I am trying to accomplish.




This is all I have been able to find.  The screenshot below is in my main config.json file


And this is what I found in the widgets/HeaderController/css/style.css file.  Not sure if this is where I would do my edits.


I am primarily a python coder so I am very new still to the web development world so any help would greatly be appreciated.  Thank you.