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How Does One Clip, Copy Or Export An Image And Preserve The Original Quality?

Question asked by MarkHotz on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2020 by MarkHotz

I have been trying to clip an image using ArcGIS Pro (2.3). I need to send this image to a 3rd party, so it's not going to be used in my system.  I am simply trying to convert an ESRI GRID format image into a smaller ESRI GRID format image.  I have tried various geoprocessing tools:


  • Extract by Mask
  • Clip (using a polygon)
  • Copy Raster (after using clip in Raster Functions)


And have used various compression settings:


  • LZ77
  • JPEG
  • LZW


I also always let the software build pyramids using the -1 option, and have tried setting "no data" to both "0" and "256".  I have not changed the projection.


None of my methods seem to work and in every case the resulting image appears coarse and no like the original at all.  All I want to be able to do is capture a piece of our high-res orthophoto and preserve the original image quality in the resulting image, which sounds fairly straight forward.


Because each iteration of my workflow takes about 15 minutes this project is starting to cost me hours...even days.  Surely there's a smart way to deal with this, right?


Original Image

Resulting Image




Thank you