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Publishing/feature layers/hosted feature layers

Question asked by austin.wittrock_usfs on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by AScott-esristaff

I have created polygon layers and added existing layers before and have been able to export them into shape files for sharing with others. Now, for some reason, I have created a map with polygons and it will not let me export any of the polygons into shapefiles. I have saved the individual polygons as layers, to which they become a "feature layer". When I view item details and try to publish it brings up the Publish box with title and tags etc..., I click the blue "PUBLISH" button and nothing happens. The button "pushes down" but it does not say that it is publishing or saving, nothing happens. This has just started happening. I have publishing in my access as well as I have done it before. Any help would be appreciated.