Unable to connect to remote server

01-23-2014 09:17 AM
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I have been unable to connect to the remote server from my ArcGIS desktop for some time now.  Everything from Add Basemap to Add Data from ArcGIS Online.  I am currently in 10.2 with the most current service packs.

This has actually been going on for a couple of years since at least 10.0

I had hoped when we upgraded the issue would go away.

I do have a valid ArcGIS Online log in.

I can log in from and MXD and upload data to my clients ArcGIS Online account, and I can log in via a web browser to AGO

However, if I click on Add Data and try Add Basemap or from Online, or I click File>ArcGIS Online I get the Unable to connect to remote server message.
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This sounds like a configuration issue.

Is ArcMap pointing to the right place? Check your portal connection.


If so, you can test your connection by checking the ArcGIS Connection properties.


Is the sign in to ArcGIS Online button even available? It's possible something is getting blocked. If you can use a program like Fiddler, which logs network traffic, you may be able to see some error messages.

Hope this helps,

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I want to add BaseMap .theArcGISs shows a error  (can not connect to the remote server)

How can solve it?

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