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Failed To Cache Extent

Question asked by dtenney on Feb 22, 2019
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  I know this topic has been discussed a lot in the past and wanted to bring it forward again as its completely frustrating that we are running into issues we first saw in 10.2.2 and now seem them in 10.5.1!


Reporting status from SERVERNAME/arcgis/rest/services/System/CachingControllers/GPServer/Manage Map Cache Tiles/jobs/j370aa7f0530a4475996f88a6a4752537

Failed to cache extent: -8159804.154220 5165921.617084 -8150023.200424 5175702.570880 at scale 1128.4971760000001 The index was either too large or too small.


that issues followed by at least 8 other extents that failed to cache. I have pulled the status.gdb to look at the areas that actually failed and they are not large areas and seem to be very random. does anyone have any solid input how to get past this? especially in 10.5.1?