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Create Service exception ' Exception: peer not authenticated'

Question asked by flpereira@fazenda on Feb 20, 2019
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I'm trying to publish some Forms using Survey123. Initially I was using the Survey123 Connect (v. 3.2.196), but a few days ago the system started sending the message: "Create Service exception ' Exception: peer not authenticated'".


I thought that this problem could be related with the Survey123 version or some incompatibility between Portal for ArcGIS and Survey. So, I installed and tested differents versions of the application (v. 3.0.142 / v. 3.1.126), repeating the same process that I used before to publish the Forms. In all situations I received the message mentioned above.


After a large number of attempts I tried to publish the Forms using Firstly I configurated the Portal for ArcGIS to work with following the instructions in this page:


How To: Configure Portal for ArcGIS to work with 


I registered the with success, and I can see my forms in the Survey123 page, but when I try to publish anything through the application the message persists.


Still about this message, I have some Web Maps and Applications (WebAppBuilder) published in Portal, and when I try to "Add Items - Shepfile" to the Map I get the same error message. I have no idea about what is generating it.


Just another information, I can see this message in the Servers tab (Federated Servers).

Error: peer not authenticated.


Anybody have some idea about what's happening? I'm finding very stranger because in the past the application was working, we had some problems but they were differents of that.


Portal for ArcGIS version: 10.4


Thanks in advanced!