No continuity among number formats

Discussion created by dmatranga on Feb 13, 2019
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I've already pointed this problem out in a previous post, but thought I'd share another case with some details.


I start by wanting to make a map that has percentages labeled on polygons.


Added a feature class to my map, which has data like this:


John Doe0.12
Jane Doe0.25


In ArcGIS Pro, I go to Data tab > Fields



and format the Percentage column to be Percentage with no decimals:


What I expect to see in the table is this:


John Doe12%
Jane Doe25%


Instead, however, I see this:



Question: why does Pro round percentages when I specify no decimal places?


To resolve the issue, I try setting it to 2 decimal places, which yields this:



This is incorrect, because the values are actual 0.54, 0.64, etc. and I expect them to translate to 54%, 64%, etc.


Next, I set out to just find an Arcade expression so that I can display percentages on the polygons and not worry about the number formatting. So I find an expression like this:



Text($feature.PERCENTAGE, '#%')


So that's cool, now I end up with labels like this:



So I try to actually make a map for a slide with a legend (something the software is supposed to be able to do well, right?). I go to my Layout view, Insert > Legend and get this:



Yikes, what a mess. So now am I supposed to manually make a legend? I don't see another way to handle this.