Auto-populate a permanent field based on Arcade Expression

Idea created by GIS_Valley_County on Apr 19, 2019



    It would be very helpful in ArcGIS Online if a layer could have a permanent field that is set up with an arcade expression that the field uses to auto-populate its value based on information from another field as new records are created from map applications. 


    For example, we track our time and each record has a CATEGORY (meeting, project, internal support, etc.) that we define for our new record. These categories are then defined as 1 of 4 bins for strategic DELIVERY classification (Alignment, Projects, Support, Value). I created a blank field that only I see on the back-end named DELIVERY, which I calculate each day using an arcade expression that reads the CATEGORY field and then based on that value will fill in the DELIVERY cell as either Alignment, Projects, Support or Value. This DELIVERY field is used to provide a bar graph in a separate WebApp Builder dashboard template application that was created for our IT coordinator.


    Though I can define an attribute expression with an Arcade Expression that WILL auto-generate the attribute expression field in the map, this can only be seen and used in the map pop-ups and are not visible within any of the graphic widgets for the story maps. If we could define an arcade expression for a field and allow for auto-generation of a permanent field value, that would be very helpful in streamlining dashboard processing.





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