Add "Currency" and "Percentage" field types to ArcGIS Online in pop ups

Idea created by OEvans-esristaff Employee on Jun 29, 2012

    There is currently no easy way to display currency and percentage data in ArcGIS Online charts and pop-ups. These are very common types of information and the system should handle them better whereas currently the user must manually format them. Additionally, if these types appear in charts there is currently no way to have them appear with customary formatting conventions (e.g., you can't put $ or % in chart mouse-over tips).

    Suggest adding "Currency" (US$ and eventually others) and "Percentage" field types. These field types should provide reasonable default formatting and enable appropriate formatting options in the Format Fields dialog.

    • Currency would always be prefixed by a "$" and have options for only 0 or 2 decimal places.
    • Percentages would show the user-selected number of decimal places, optional 1000s separator, and always be followed by a "%." Also an option should be included for moving the decimal point two places for all data (e.g., if the data stored 0.50, 0.01, and 0,35, then 50%, 1% and 35% could be shown).

    This suggestion would also apply in certain respects to ArcGIS for Server and the Geodatabase.