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Error deleting feature class, disappears from catalog but table remains in SQL Server

Question asked by jadams9 on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by jadams9

I have a workgroup SDE geodatabase running on ArcGIS Server Workgroup 10.4.1 with a Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012 backend. I get a new parcel dataset every so often that I load into the SDE by importing it into a feature dataset in the SDE as "parcels_new," exporting the old "parcels" feature class to a file gdb for archiving, deleting "parcels," and finally renaming "parcels_new" to "parcels." 


This morning, it gave me an error when I tried to delete the old parcel feature class in Pro 2.3 (which I foolishly clicked past without screenshotting it) and, IIRC, said it couldn't delete it due to it being in use (I did have another project open in the background with that feature class added). However, the "parcels" feature class no longer shows up in the Catalog pane or in ArcCatalog. When I try to rename a new feature class to the old name in Pro, it throws error 999999. When I try to rename it in Arc Catalog 10.4.1, it says the new name "is already in use as an object name and would cause a duplicate that is not permitted." Maps that already had the "parcels" feature class added as a layer continue to work as if the feature class was still there. 


When I look at the tables in SQL Server Manager, the dbo.PARCELS table is still there (along with dbo.PARCELS_NEW), and dbo.PARCELS still shows up in the dbo.SDE_table_registry table. Part of me hopes that I can just delete the dbo.PARCELS table directly in SQL Server, but I'm sure that would be a Bad Idea. 


Any suggestions on how to force delete the old "parcels" feature class and clear out this weird db logjam?