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Unable to delete a feature class from ArcCatalog

Question asked by tomarcgis on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by asrujit_pb



I am using ArcCatalog 10.3.1 and SQL server 2012. I have a feature class called "city" using by a map service. I have a new copy of this feature class with more record from other server. What i did was:


step 1: stopped the map service;

step 2: changed the feature class name to city_2 successfully;

step 3: copied and pasted my new update feature class into my SQL database call same name city;

step 4: restarted the map service and tested it to make sure the map service works successfully;

step 5: deleted the city_2 from the SQL database successfully;

step 6: Clicked "refresh" the SQL database, but the city_2 feature class came back;


Please advise why I can not delete this old feature class?!