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Why are my ArcGIS Pro 2.2.x Tasks not opening in 2.3?

Question asked by WhitacreJ_CMNH on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by ABarMaor-esristaff

I just updated to ArcGIS Pro 2.3. When I opened a project created in 2.2.x, I tried to open a task that I created. However, I get and error saying, 'Unable to open the task. It cannot be found.' I don't know where it went (I thought tasks were embedded into the project file) and I don't recall deleting it. Now I am afraid I must redo all the tasks...and I can't even remember them all.


Anyone else have the behavior of tasks not opening related to updating v. 2.3? Is there a way to recover tasks that can no longer be opened? Thanks.