New Collector - Aurora

Discussion created by GeoSpatialAGOL on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2019 by DCRW_erica.tefft

Is anyone else experiencing extreme frustration with implementing this new version of collector (v18.1.0 IOS) into production?  I am literally pulling my hair out here.  So many random and unexplained glitches...a few of which are listed below...

  • maps are not showing as editable or magically change to uneditable (no + sign in collector to add features) even though there is at least one editable layer within the map.  My favorite is starting a new map with a single editable layer that initially works in collector, ie can add features etc, but upon adding another layer to map...lose ability to add features
  • I have yet to see the Map Areas thing work
  • I have not been able to consistently download an offline area...fails with an ever so helpful message of "download failed".  Really?...hadn't noticed that lol
  • I am down to testing a map with only one live and editable point feature class and the topo basemap and it will not download at all.  I am able to use it online...but that somewhat defeats the purpose of a mobile data collection platform that in my case is never within service range and requires the offline capacity.


About the only thing that works as promised in this latest bug ridden headache is the labels...Congrats ESRI, you've finally gotten something that should have been in place from the beginning, to the expense of pretty much everything else it appears.


Thoughts, suggestions, rants, ideas...all welcome!