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SSL Question

Question asked by m.lamb on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by m.lamb

I have 2 customer sites that are accessing a SSL only ArcGIS server instance for their basemaps on the same standalone network. The first customer site has all of their browsers loaded with the correct Root and Intermediate CA certificates while the second site does not (This is due to how SCCM pushes out their browser updates). In order to allow both sites SSL access to the site (without the users having to manually add a SSL exception), would it work if I were to install another webadaptor on the same machine where the current one is, and just call it arcgis2 and bind the new cert, which would be signed by a CA the second site has in their browsers trust, then change that webadaptor to use another port for SSL access. The only problem I think I would run into would be that the ArcGIS Server itself can only use one SSL certificate at a time, and the one its using now is customer 1's CA signed certificate. Any help would be appreciated, I was just trying to avoid setting up another duplicate server just to use another CA's certificate.