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Attribute Assistant: INTERSECTING_FEATURE doesn't work with split and there is a relationship using the field to copy.

Question asked by miahmartin on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by mmiller-esristaff

Michael Miller attributeassistant


I have Attribute Assistant configured to copy a ServiceID (Foreign Key field) from one Intersecting Service Pipe to another Intersecting Service Pipe.  This works correctly when placing a new Service Pipe feature; however, I get inconsistent results when splitting an existing Service Pipe feature.  If the ServiceID field has a value that doesn't link to a record, it will work correctly and copy the ServiceID to the new Service Pipe feature that gets created by the split.  However, if the ServiceID field has a value that does link to a record, the value is not copied.


In the AA code,

sourceFeature.get_Value(sourceField) returns null if there is a linked record, but returns the ServiceID value when I put in a ServiceID that doesn't match a record.


Is this a bug, or does anyone know a way to work around this?


Here is the exact configuration: