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Survey123 Connect PullData Question

Question asked by jadavis101699 on Jan 2, 2019
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I have attached a copy of my working form in Survey123 Connect (please see attached Meter Change Form.xlsx).  I would like to use "pulldata" to auto-populate the form for our field staff.

The workflow for the user will be the following:  a user will physically enter the old meter number in the form while they are in the field and in-turn this action will auto-fill the Address, Account Number, Route# and Seq# information into the form originating from a CSV file.

I have created a CSV data table located in the following directory "C:\Users\JDavis\ArcGIS\My Survey Designs\Meter Change Form\media\ entitled "Yukon121718" (please see attached with corresponding name).

Through a few online postings I was able to start constructing a PullData facsimile (please see PullData.xlsx).  I am not sure of the "note" type in my table since I am looking to auto-populate established fields.  

My questions:

1.  Can someone please review my PullData table and provide advice on the correct structure corresponding to my data?

2.  In addition, can someone assist me, once the PullData table has been proofed, in taking the PullData information and integrating into my Meter Change Form in the correct location?

3.  Using the "Open survey content folder" I accessed my Yukon121718 CSV file.  Am I correct to assume that doing this action integrates this CSV file with my form and allows users in the field access to its contents?  Only asking since the file is located on my C:\ drive.

Thank you in advance for any assistance and advice you can supply.