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Mosaic 8bit pseudo colour tiffs

Question asked by GSCUser85 Champion on Dec 21, 2018
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I have a collection of scanned map images (50k topo series of South Africa).

Each image is scanned as 8bit unsigned pseudo colour tiffs. They have individual colour maps.

Many moons ago, I created a mosaic of these and it worked like a bomb.

I haven't looked at this data for a while so when I opened it the other day, and it looked all ucky, I thought, no probs, maybe something has broken the mosaic, I'll just rebuild it. Won't take long.....


Well this has become more problematic than I thought. Currently on v10.5.1.

Turns out that mosaic now doesn't recognise this format automatically. When I load them in, it just reverts to stretched grey scale, ignoring each colour map.

So, now we have options for lots of different types of imagery, but this, possibly oldest way of map scanning, no longer works with mosaic!!!


Anybody have an idea.


But not this answer :

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There are +1900 images. Can't export each one!!