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Clone Items throwing HTTP error for Feature Layers

Question asked by deleted-user-7SLqM7dlvYNN on Dec 11, 2018

I'm trying to move items between two on premise 10.5.1 Portals and I'm getting an HTTP error when trying to clone a Feature Layer, or Web Maps which reference a Feature Layer. The same code works fine for Web Maps which don't reference feature layers. 

Specific error is: 

Error cloning data:  ('Failed to create Feature Service p18146_Vegetation_Consents: HTTPError: this service url encountered an HTTP Error: http://fullyqualifieddomainname/arcgis/rest/services/Hosted/p18146_Vegetation_Consents/FeatureServer', <Item title:"p18146_AUP_Global_Vegetation_Consents" type:Feature Layer Collection owner:xyz>)

I'm using v1.4.2 of the API and both the source and target server urls are defined as https://