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add image in featuretable grid

Question asked by mallareddy2271 on Dec 7, 2018
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i was trying to add image same as above pic in feature table and on row-select zoom to point


below is my code for featuretable i tried to add image for objectid


Any suggestions



 var myFeatureTable = new FeatureTable({
        featureLayer: layerdata,
        map: map,
        editable: false,
        dateOptions: {
            datePattern: 'M/d/y',
            timeEnabled: true,
            timePattern: 'H:mm',
        syncSelection: true,
        showRelatedRecords: true,
        showAttachments: true,
        fieldInfos: [
        name: 'OBJECTID',
        alias: 'Zoom to Location',
        //formatter: makeZoomButton('${objectid}')
        menuFunctions: [
        outFields: ["*"],
    }, 'myTableNode');



 function makeZoomButton(id) {
        //set the feature 'id' as the alt value for the image so that it can be used to query below
        var zBtn = "<div data-dojo-type='dijit/form/Button'><img src='ZoomIn.png' alt='" + id + "'";
        zBtn = zBtn + " width='18' height='18'></div>";
        return zBtn;