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Question asked by Brian.Webb2_arcadis on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by Brian.Webb2_arcadis

Does anyone receive an error when downloading a map for offline use in Portal? We have multiple maps pointed to ArcGIS online tile imagery. We used the steps to provide this access to aerial imagery using this url:


The error reads "Invalid URL"


The map download failure seems to be intermittent. For example, these downloads for offline use were working up until this week with no issue. This week, suddenly we are receiving errors on our maps when trying to download.


Some users are able to download without issue are some of the successes and failures:



Download fine using iPad or iPhone on wifi connection using ISP WOW

Download fine using iPhone using Sprint LTE



Download failed using same iPhone above, only on wifi using ISP Spectrum Time Warner

Download failed using iPad using ISP Spectrum Time Warner

Download failed using iPad using TMobile LTE


Then, late last night, around 11 EST the failure with the iPad and iPhone connected to wifi Spectrum, worked fine. I was trying to download in multiple maps in the same general area all through testing.  Now the error has returned.


Has anyone else experienced this lately? Is it related to ISPs? This is something new that I have not experienced before.


Thanks for any help!