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ArcPro Text Field Length reverting to 255 after setting a different specified length

Question asked by olsoncm_CDMSmith on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2020 by data.officer

Hi there, 

I created a new point feature in a feature dataset and have 6 text fields. While adding the fields to the "create feature class" I wanted to set some fields as having a length of 100 to limit characters, and some other fields to have a length of 500 characters (for lengthier descriptions). However, after setting these specific length parameters and saving the newly created feature class, the field length appears to be reset to the default setting of 255. Even using the "Alter Field" tool, the settings will not stay as I want them. Why is this happening? 


Also, what is the point of "Import (fields from other feature classes)" if it does not import ALL of the settings?