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arcpy: How to select missing records in a related table??

Question asked by gis_student2 on Oct 31, 2018
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ok so here is my deal; I am working in an SDE, I have a feature Class of civic address points and these points have a one to many link table also in the SDE. This table is linked by a roll number.  Some points are not in the table and some table records are not in the points.  What I want top do is have a script that selects all the related records in the link table, switch the selection so the script will then print the non related records by their unique identifier. The purpose of this is to find what records in the link table require points and vice versa. 

I need help finding a way to select what records have a relationship.

Ive tried all of these and many more but I cant figure it out: 

enterprise geodatabase - Efficiently selecting related records using ArcPy? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Excha… 

Select Related Records 


What I basically want to do is utilize something like that nice little Select related records button in the attribute table but in python. The reason I require this script is so less "GIS savvy" people in the organization will be able to track down this missing information. 

all help and assistance is greatly appreciated

thank you.