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Allow Assignment of Unique Numeric IDs for Sharing Web Layers Issue

Question asked by ryanuthoff on Oct 18, 2018

In ArcGIS Pro 2.2.3, I am having an issue with allowing the assignment of unique numeric IDs for sharing web layers. In the past, when having that option selected in the data frame properties, I was able to add new layers to the map, re-publish it and everything would be maintained within my Portal web maps.


All of a sudden, it appears that is no longer working. When re-publishing feature services with that option checked, it now re-assigns layer IDs to the new layer that I added and any layers below it. So if there are 10 layers, and I add a new layer 8th from the top, it will re-assign layer IDs from layers 8-11.


I didn't have this issue in the past, but now I am. I noticed that the layer ID in ArcGIS Pro for all of my layers is -1. Would that have something to do with the issue I'm having? When I've done this in the past in ArcMap, it would assign a different number and not just -1.