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Insert x,y coordinates in attribute table, point feature not plotted

Question asked by on Oct 8, 2018
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Hi.  I am working with a feature class of point locations with associated attributes in ArcGIS Pro.  The feature class was created from a csv file exported from another database.  Some of the features do not have latitude and longitude coordinates in the attribute table (e.g., PO Box ## entered as the street address and could not be geocoded).  I have been locating these points manually and retrieving the coordinate pair from another map system.  I then copy/paste to enter the coordinates in the attribute table, but the point is not drawn on the map.  I was under the assumption that when the location information was added to the attribute table, the point would be drawn.  I tried the Replace Geometry gp tool, but that didn't work.  What am I missing and need to do to have the map recognize the coordinates and plot the point features?  Many thanks in advance.