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fields with choice filters not initially showing any values (webform only)

Question asked by christac on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by christac


I am trying to get back to using webforms as an alternative to using the field app since the S123 team has resolved some major issues in the past few months. However, I am running against a previously unidentified issue where choice filter values (e.g. in the field "lifestage") that are dependent on another field (e.g. "species name") are not displaying when I first select a species. However, once I change the species name, a second time (even the same species that I initially selected), the fields with choice filters do show properly. The pictures below show this process. I do have a workaround where if I set a default value on species name (in Connect), the choice filters will show values for that default species. This is inelegant and would also mean that I would need a separate form for web use that is slightly different from a form created for field app use, so any solutions (or better workarounds) would be great to hear.




1. The initial species name (which populates a hidden species group field, e.g. "amphibians")

2. Behavior field doesn't have any values, after clicking on dropdown arrow

3. (not shown) reselect a species name

4.behavior choices for amphibians do show up in the behavior field