Created form, using Survey 123 Web, with existing hosted feature

10-28-2022 07:09 AM
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I created a form by Survey123 Connect, this is using in the field, but now, I would like create a survey in Web for validation of features from field (first Survey 123), this will be using in embed survey in Experience Builder.

For that, I need using a Survey123 Web from a exist feature layer.

I am tryiend using the Survey 123 Web, but, I don't find a direct manner for define the feature layer.

It is possible?

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Hi @lmotta_ibama  It does not matter what tool (Survey123 Connect or the web designer) you use to create a survey; your surveys can be opened in a web browser and through the Survey123 mobile and desktop apps.

Author your second survey in Survey123 Connect, and then open your survey in a web browser or add it to an Experience Builder app.

You cannot build a survey on top of an existing layer using the web designer. You must use Survey123 Connect for that.

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Thanks @IsmaelChivite .


How a "lazy boy", I tried know if is possible using the Survey123 Web Designer.

I will create the other survey by Survey123 Connect, but, checking if the feature/functions is compatible in Web [1].



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