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ArcGIS Online Table Join fails without explanation

Question asked by Ryan.Cooper@raleighnc.gov_ral on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by Ryan.Cooper@raleighnc.gov_ral


Create a one-to-many join between a hosted feature layer and hosted standalone table on a common string field.



TEST_trees contains individual records of trees (randomly created in this instance) each with a string value for the field COMMONNAME.


TEST_species contains a single record for each tree species. The field  Common_name_type_first is a unique, string field. The values in this field were used to generate the values for COMMONNAME in TEST_trees.


I have attempted to carry out every combination of tabular join using the Join Features analysis tool in ArcGIS Online.

Join TypeTarget LayerTarget  FieldJoin LayerJoin Field




Each of these failed. Each produced the error "Unable to add feature service definition" with the exception of the join condition in row 1. It returned the error "JoinFeatures failed."


I was able to successfully carry out the join using the layers linked above using ArcGIS Pro. I have examined the documentation on joins in ArcGIS Online and have been unable to ascertain from it why this join would fail. I have made the data listed above public and available for download. Any ideas of what I might be missing here?