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Survey123 Report (Beta) not displaying attachments (images)

Question asked by RiversAgency on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by gesplansa

I have an inspection survey that was created in Survey123 back in November 2016. The survey includes photos as attachments.  I have tried the "Report (Beta)" feature and was hoping to include the photographs, and the name of the image within the Word document created. However when I run this, the images do not appear and the the image title returns as [not available].


As a test, I have taken my original survey and republished it (as a new survey) and added in a couple of features, and when I try running the same template with the "Report (Beta)" feature, my photos appear in the Word document along with the name of each image.  So my template seems to be correctly formatted.


I'm guessing that maybe the issue with my original survey is to do with when it was published (pre-dates the introduction of the "Report (Beta)" feature).   I have tried updating the Survey123ConnectforArcGIS on my Mac and re-publishing the original survey (so is now v3.0), but this doesn't make any difference - when I run the report the photos etc are still missing.


Any thoughts as to how I can make this work?