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Support <a href="tel:" in Story Map Tour

Question asked by Amanda.Huber@threeriversparks.org_trpd on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by MCooney-esristaff

Hi Esri,

We have recently brought it to support's attention that the Story Map Tour does not support <a href="tel: as HTML in either the Title or Description text boxes.(All other story map templates do support the tel: protocol).



Some background information:

We have physical stops with signage for art or features within our parks that allow users to call into a phone number to listen to the audio for that location. Currently we have story map tours that feature these locations and provide contextual information. The ability for users to simply click a link in these story maps and activate the phone call to listen would be extremely beneficial for our user's experience.

Please fix this "tel:" protocol issue to allow our users to have a streamlined user experience for our park goers as they navigate our parks using this great story map tour.


Thanks so much,

Three Rivers Park District