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bug:  feature popup outline is mis-shapen in ArcGIS Online

Question asked by kmsagis Champion on Aug 23, 2018
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bug:  popup outline is mis-shapen in ArcGIS Online but works fine in 3.25 sandbox 


The original thread above I put in JS API initially based on my first experiences with this bug. So it is ok to delete the first one.  However, it appears to be more a function of a bug with ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 or what runs AGOL.  


The bug:  Add a polygon layer to ArcGIS  in a web map. Enable its popup, and click it. The outline is way off and misaligned and warped in shape, as shown below.  Esri TS has reproduced this, and assigned bug ID is # BUG-000115968.


Although it works fine in the 3.25 sandbox  (as in this example). Thus it would seem AGOL introduced some sort of geometry simplification and/or projection issue with the July 2018 AGOL update.


One solution Esri could use to fix this, would be to simply re-draw the feature halo on a 'zoom-in' event, so that the geometry could be simplified at small scale and re-drawn with more vertices if zoomed in to.  pseudo-code: IF zoom-in event THEN re-request feature geometry via json and progressively request more detail and vertices. And perhaps with a minimum cap. If it's a simple property with a dozen or two vertices, no need to ever simplify, just request them all once.


This happens with a simple web map and even with a layer in web mercator.  I also saw the effect on services from our 10.51 and 10.61 servers, both from SDE in state plane and a GDB in web mercator respectively, in poly layers in web maps.   This would cause an end user to not trust the spatial accuracy of the entire platform.  If someone clicks a property in a viewer and the lines get warped, I will be getting calls. Fortunately our current viewer uses Robert's eSearch which does not have this problem when highlighting a feature(s) geometry. 


Tech Support has simply said it is submitted and can't say more; our rep said it may wait on 10.6.2.  I hope this can be elevated to the uber ninjas in dev team. I asked Tech Support and they said to use Elevate in My Esri but that button is ironically literally missing. 





note: this was when adding it as dynamic mapserver.




Kelly Gerrow fyi