How To Escalate A Defect

Blog Post created by JGuard-esristaff Employee on Mar 28, 2016
If your support case is attached to an existing defect or has been diagnosed as a new defect with our software and it is adversely affecting your business, you can escalate the defect through for additional consideration in upcoming releases.signin-300x267.png
A defect can only be escalated if the following conditions are met:
  • Your organization must have active software maintenance
  • The defect has not already been escalated by another user within your organization.

To escalate a defect, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the My Esri Site and log in using your Esri Account.

2. Click on the 'My Organizations' tab and pull up the organization associated with your customer number. Then click the 'Support' tab.myesri11.png

3. On the Support homepage, click the Bugs icon.myesri2.pngNote:  You must be an authorized caller and member of the organization in My Esri. This account must be linked to your Customer Number to view cases and bugs.

4. Notice that you can see all the defects and their status submitted or attached to your cases on your behalf. You can search, sort or even export a list of defects using the options shown. Click the specific Defect ID that you want to escalate.

5.  On the right-hand side of the Bug Details page, click “Escalate”.myesri3.jpg

6.  Complete the Escalation form. Include the number of people affected and a business justification that explains the impact of this bug to your company. You can also add any attachment you want to share.Important: Defects leading to critical production issues should be reported to your Account Management team. If you are a member of Esri Premium Support or an International Distributor please contact your Technical Account Manager.myesri4.jpg

7. Click the Escalate Bug button.

You will receive an automated email serving as a record of your escalation request.Note: These instructions apply to U.S. customers who are current on maintenance. For International customers, contact your local distributor.
Esri Support Services Team