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Problem with intersect and split tools

Question asked by maria_nova on Aug 24, 2018
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I've been given a file geodatabase with many feature classes to fix some topology errors, including errors concerning roads and railroads. Those should be split at intersections and also there should be points at those intersections. 

Intersections and points were sort of corrupted when the data was prepared (I assume, or may be it was never correct): not all intersections and points are present, a lot of them are dislocated.


So I'm trying to fix this - by creating new points at intersections (using Intersect tool), then spatially joining them with some old floating intersection points from the original data to preserve the original attributes, and later using the points to split the lines in the right places. 


Problems are:

- Intersect creates some points that are floating next to the intersections

- Batch Intersects and Splits Polylines from Production Editing Advanced also doesn't split the roads/railroads at intersections (with both checked in the window)


The attached image shows the lines (orange one is the road - it is not split, and rail is split but in the wrong place (original data); the point next to them was created by Intersect tool)


I'm using ArcMap 10.3.1, might be possible to access 10.6 if anyone thinks it is the only way

I'm also not in a position to share the shapefiles, since I work for the government.