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Create user from jupyter notebook : Error Code: 500

Question asked by Magaly.Clement on Aug 5, 2018
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I want to create a user from a script. It a LDAP user.

I have an error when I execute the command line in jupyter notebook :


gis.users.create(email=False, username='THELOGIN', password=False, firstname='John', lastname='DOE', description='bla bla', role='dnJ9NxiB8fz91LRT', provider='entreprise', idp_username=None, level='2', thumbnail=r'\\server\d$\files\admin\users\avatar.png');

The error :

java.lang.Exception: The server at 'https://MYSERVER.MYDNS.LAN:7443/arcgis/sharing/rest/community/createUser' returned an error. Unable to signup user. ["Unable to add user."] (Error Code: 500)

I have tested the user connection and it works.

I have tested to create the user via the web portal interface and it works.


Python : 3.6.6

arcgis for python : 1.4.2


Thanks for help