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URL to local file when offline

Question asked by monzay on Aug 2, 2018

Is it possible to link to a file stored on an iPad from Explorer? I've seen the example of how this could be done in Survey123 using the media folder.


I have images that are associated with assets. In ArcMap I can click on a URL to open an image on a network folder. I have been able to copy files to the ipad. I've played around with the iOS Files app. I haven't figured out if it is possible to actually link to one of these files.


Update: After more researching I learned all about deep linking and found this thread

that led me to the GoodReader app on iOS. It works as advertised. However, despite the extensive help system I would not have discovered how to open in "reader view" without the post's image (thanks Brad Bolton) of what the URL should look like. For $5 the app has a ton of features and while it doesn't appear the app is being actively supported anymore it does work. For PDF and all types of files.