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Nested repeat creating blank records

Question asked by dbecker88 on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff
begin repeatfreq_plotFreq Plots
integerquad_idQuad IDyes
begin repeatfreq_plot_speciesSpecies Liststring-length(string(${quad_id}))>0
select_one speciesspecies_nameSci Nameyes
select_one livedeadlive_deadLive or Deadyes
end repeat
end repeat


Basic nested repeat as shown above.


Here's the survey form. The first record, Quad ID 1, has 2 inner repeat records, sp1-live and sp2-dead hence why you see the 2 of 2 count on the inner-repeat. This is the behavior one would expect.




This is Quad ID: 2, the 2nd record. Here's a screenshot immediately after entering the Quad ID value. Notice how the inner-repeat is already pre-populated with 2 blank records. If the previous record, (Quad ID: 1) would of had 3 inner-repeat records, then this record would of also had 3 blank inner-repeat records and so forth. The biggest issue is when you arrow < to previous outer repeat records then try to navigate through the inner repeat records. You get validation errors because the blanks are not meeting the field required.



After more testing, turns out that these blank records are ONLY created when you have a formula in the relevant column, as shown in the table at the top of this post. If that relevant formula is removed, then the blank records are not created.


This is the same behavior in S123 Connect, S123 Windows, Android and iOS, all the latest versions.


ESRI, is this expected or is this a bug?