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Need a way to start/stop ArcGIS Services in Pro

Question asked by ksjosh82 on Jul 30, 2018
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In ArcGIS Desktop (ArcCatalog), I was able to run services from the now deprecated Server Admin toolkit.  One of the things I used it for was to quickly stop all services, run appropriate tasks and then restart all services.  For the most part this process worked really well.  I am attempting to migrate to Pro and so I thought I would try my weekly update process using Pro.  I run into several kinks, most of which I was able to resolve (Pro points to items a little bit differently).  But the task of dealing with the services is not working.  It asks for a server name just as it does in ArcCatalog.  I imported the task directly but I get an error everytime.  My server name is simply gis-server with port 6080.  I get a cryptic error message about a syntax error and the general context help that tells you what to enter.  I have no idea what variation of a server name I need to use.  I know that Pro right now doesn't play well with ArcGIS Services but surely there is a workaround for this?