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Using esriRequest to make POST changes to REST feature using updateDefinition?

Question asked by TacoB0T on Jul 14, 2018
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I've worked with ajax requests before, but I'm trying to make changes to a Feature Service using updateDefintion but I can't seem to get it to work.  For debugging purposes, I've modified this example: Request data from a remote server | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.8 


I'm able to plug in the Feature Service to properly get a response using GET, but  when trying to use a FormData to load JSON as the payload for updateDefinition, I don't get a response. I modified a small amount of data to effectively try to use something simple as:


var item = {
"minScale" : 10,
"maxScale" : 0

var formData = new FormData();

for ( var key in item ) {
   formData.append(key, item[key]);


// Make the request on a button click using the
// value of the 'input' text.
on(btnQuery, "click", function() {
 var url = input.value;
 esriRequest(url, {
 responseType: "json",
 method: "post",
 body: formData
}).then(function(response) {
console.log('response', response);
var responseJSON = JSON.stringify(response, null, 2);
resultsDiv.innerHTML = responseJSON;


Essentially, just taking the 'item' JSON and converting it to FormData and then using FormData as the  payload. Additonally, the URL that isbeing used is of the format:


Here, I am simply appending 'updateDefiniton' as the method to use for modifying the service, as documented here:

Update Definition (Feature Layer)—ArcGIS REST API: Services Directory | ArcGIS for Developers 


I don't get any errors, and there are obviously no changes being made.  Do I need to adjust any settings onthe Feature Service itself? Am I missing something?