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Error in Query Task with MapView

Question asked by namoraj96 on Jul 12, 2018
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I am trying to use query task with MapView.. able to run query and get results but cant get visual markers on map..

Am using Simple marker symbol for that markers.. Can anyone help me to get this markers after query task.. 

Thank you in advance.



Accessor#set Invalid property value, value needs to be one of 'esri.symbols.SimpleFillSymbol', 'esri.symbols.PictureFillSymbol', 'esri.symbols.PictureMarkerSymbol', 'esri.symbols.SimpleLineSymbol', 'esri.symbols.SimpleMarkerSymbol', 'esri.symbols.TextSymbol', 'esri.symbols.LabelSymbol3D', 'esri.symbols.LineSymbol3D', 'esri.symbols.MeshSymbol3D', 'esri.symbols.PointSymbol3D', 'esri.symbols.PolygonSymbol3D', 'esri.symbols.WebStyleSymbol', or a plain object that can autocast (having .type = 'simple-fill', 'picture-fill', 'picture-marker', 'simple-line', 'simple-marker', 'text', 'label-3d', 'line-3d', 'mesh-3d', 'point-3d', 'polygon-3d', 'web-style')