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builder model: %name% from iteration give issue into raster calculator

Question asked by yvanaltchenko on Jun 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by cdspatial


I am building a model in builder model, with "Iterate raster" (i have a lot of raster which should be processed the same way and obviuosly i need to keep the original name %name%) and "raster calculator".

At one point, I have a raster called "VP_%name%" that I need to use into "raster calculator". The way raster calculator use the raster name is like "%ratser%". Thus for my raster "VP_%name%", the way to use it into raster calculator formula is to use "%VP_%name%%" but raster calculator doesn't recognize this raster (I believe, the  double %% or %VP_% is very confusing to get the name of the raster it has to use). How can I solve the problem?

I have 100s of raster to process and i can not manually, one raster after the other one. I am quite confortable with model builder but I dont know how to write in Python. I will appreciate your help.