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Problems Updating Model Metadata in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.3

Question asked by blythe_spendlove@redlands.edu_univredlands on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2018 by blythe_spendlove@redlands.edu_univredlands

I wrote metadata for a couple models that I created in ArcGIS Pro, and upon finding something in the metadata I wanted to change, I went back again to edit the metadata (right clicked on model in Catalog pane > Edit Metadata). However, after making my changes and clicking "Save," my work did not save. I have tried opening and closing the metadata editor, restarting Pro, restarting my computer...nothing.


Does anyone know why this is happening or how (any way, custom python scripts, whatever) I can most easily work around this bug and update my metadata? This is the latest in a long line of difficulties I have been having in saving metadata for models and script tools in ArcGIS Pro.



Miscellaneous but Possibly Pertinent Information:

- Earlier today I was able to create the metadata that I am trying to update. However, now I cannot even create or edit metadata for a different model within the toolbox that I am working with.

-Even earlier today, I updated my ArcGIS Pro version from 2.1.2 to 2.1.3 

- My models are saved in a custom toolbox that I created. Originally I created the toolbox in ArcGIS Pro, but I have been cycling through different versions of my final toolbox so I copied the toolbox (several times now) in ArcCatalog and then continued to edit the new copy in ArcGIS Pro. The tools run fine. I just have trouble creating metadata that persists.

- The other week, when I was using ArcGIS Pro version 2.1.2, I discovered that changing the name of a parameter in a model deletes the metadata for that parameter (taught me to save all my model metadata in an external file), but I have not made any changes to the model that I am trying to update today.