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Edit Creator field of hosted feature service

Question asked by Ryan.Cooper@raleighnc.gov_ral on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2020 by luckachi

I have a hosted feature service with creator and editor tracking enabled. I am the owner of this hosted feature service. Our fieldworkers are using Survey123 to collect into that hosted feature service. Recently one of them had issues syncing some of their collected data. I followed the instructions here to pull the SQLite database from their device and synced those collected points from my computer. This worked very well! However, even though I did not collect these points, because they were uploaded from my account, the Creator field shows my username. I want that field to show the username of the person who actually did the collection. I tried to use field calculator to replace my username with the fieldworker's username. I also tried to manually input values. This seems to not work because editing is not enabled for the Creator field. I have tried to enable editing for this field in ArcGIS Pro and using the admin interface for ArcGIS REST services (<host>/arcgis/rest/admin/services/<service> -> Update Definition). In both cases, there is some indication that the Creator field should be editable, but the field remains uneditable.


Is there any way for a user to edit the Creator field in a hosted feature services with tracking enabled?


I understand why this wouldn't normally be desirable, but as the owner of the item it seems like there should be a way for me to do this.